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Umm what to say

Nickname: Serena if you want to know my real name you are going to have to read a post of mine and see if you can figure it out
Age: 19 but in 6 months I will be 20
Location: Columbia, MD

Likes: Read my info cause there is just way to much stuff to list on this.

Dislikes: Homophobies, Ignorent people, close-minded people, overly zelous religous people..I don't like it when someone tries to decide what religon I want to be....over all I don't really like people, but I am nice so I won't tell people where to stick it just cause I don't like somthing about them

As for my religon, I am Wiccan...and anyone that has a problem with that....that is your opinion and you are intitled to it, just don't try and make me change mine.

Right now I am not really looking for a relationship, I am just looking for more people in Maryland to be my friends and people that I can hang out with and get along well with. Anyway that is me.
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