Xeni (xenianth) wrote in singles_in_md,

okay, yeah

I've done this kind of thing too many times in the past month. But I'll do it anyway.

Name: Xeni
Location: Catonsville, MD
Age: 20 (21 in Nov.)
Hair: short and black
Clothes: black band tshirt and jeans
Music: electronic and death metal, some acoustic
Education/Major: Junior at UMBC, Photo major

Looking for a guy (perhaps a girl if she's special enough), preferably with longish hair, who is interested in actually getting to know me and develop something rather than get me in bed. I tend to sound bitter, but that happens when you write a LJ post with a headache. I'm cynical, brash, and upfront. I'm liberal and an atheist.

My website is my webcomic, Mango Mango Dance Express.

That's about all for now.
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