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Stereotypical Alien

Insert Witty Title Pertaining to Anything in Particular

Sadly, I'm unable to make an introductory title. Truth of the matter, I doubt anyone, female wise, will see this so.. it's more like me doing it for fun. ^_^

I'm Alex, I'm a Latino Male, age 24 and located in Rockville, as you can see on the top corner my pic. I'm a serious sort of fellow, though I can be mellow and fun often enough. I've got hobbies, these odd things that interest me like Manga and Anime. I like the asian culture, it intrigues me how they evolved their ideas and inventions. I like any sort of music, my tastes are quite odd, ranging from Country to mostly Alternative Rock. Current most favorite band is Yellowcard, with their song "Only One." They're pretty good, saw them at HFStival. I speak two languages, Spanish and English. [Well most latins do, so it's not unexpected huh?] I'm quite strange though, not a typical latin. My major influence I suppose is that I was born in the United States, California. (Somehow I ended up in Maryland.. long dramatic story.. involving love, death, and tragedy. Coming to a movie theatre nowhere near you.)

Work wise, I'm trying to do something IT wise. I have my degree in web design, but I'm also intrigued by other things. I enjoy writing and creating stories as well as characters. Hopefully, there will be a movie in the theatres with a work of mine. [I'm a big movie fiend.] Something much cooler than Van Helsing and Bourne Identity, but definitely a guy flick.

Well, I wrote a long entry with lots of information. There's still more, but in the end it comes down to one thing, I'm just a simple guy wanting to keep things simple.

Oh and yeah, I have a dog.

---- a minute later [ edit ] ----
Forgot, lol..

I'm 5'10.. Dark Brown Hair and Dark Brown Eyes... Thick (Wide) ...
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