June 10th, 2006

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Hi. I'm Madison.
5'2"/145ish/"curvaceous" which, if i'm spelling that right, means "large-breasted". i'm hoping that'll get a few more guys to talk to me than the "i r teh smart" stuff on its own. not that i want a guy who just wants the breasts. but anyway.
Hair: nealry 6" past the shoulderblades, thick, dark brown.
eyes: glasses/brown.
And I suppose for all the mental stuff, you can check out the journal, if you really want to. I'm just looking for someone who's not too intimidating to talk to. See, that's why I'm in these kinds of places: I have a hard time talking to people. I go "hey, you look neat" and then stare at my feet for half an hour until they give up and go away. so if you're good at getting people to talk, give it a whirl.
girls are neat, too, for friends, by the way.