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Hi. I'm Madison.
5'2"/145ish/"curvaceous" which, if i'm spelling that right, means "large-breasted". i'm hoping that'll get a few more guys to talk to me than the "i r teh smart" stuff on its own. not that i want a guy who just wants the breasts. but anyway.
Hair: nealry 6" past the shoulderblades, thick, dark brown.
eyes: glasses/brown.
And I suppose for all the mental stuff, you can check out the journal, if you really want to. I'm just looking for someone who's not too intimidating to talk to. See, that's why I'm in these kinds of places: I have a hard time talking to people. I go "hey, you look neat" and then stare at my feet for half an hour until they give up and go away. so if you're good at getting people to talk, give it a whirl.
girls are neat, too, for friends, by the way.

Here it goes...

Name: Dan
Status: Available
Age: 23
Race: White
Sex: Male
Location: MD - Westminster area
Height: 5'8"
Weight 140lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark blonde.
Picture under the cut
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About me:

I'm a college student at ccbc. I'm in the middle of tranfereing to UMBC where I will major in International Communication/Modern languages - Japanese. I enjoy photography and hiking. I like to read. I also enjoy the beach. I like art and painting and drawing. I like movies, music, going out to eat.

Looking for:
Sex: Female
Location: Maryland
Status: Single
Race: White or Asian or Hispanic ect.
Age: 18-26
Height: Not taller than me.
Weight: no heavier than me
Eyes: Any
Hair: Any

About her:

She should kind and caring. Devotion is a must. Must enjoy some of the same things as me. Must be honest trustworthy. Should have at least a high school education or GED Should like photography J
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Hey. I just moved to DC a while ago and i'm looking for female friends who are openminded and would like to hang out. I am seeking a relationship, But Mostly i would like to at least make friends. Any info about me can be found in my profile.

Hmm i probably should clear up openminded. I mean, can accept people for what they are. You don't have to like what i like (japanse anime/culture) but at least don't call it "kiddy" or "sick".
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Umm what to say

Nickname: Serena if you want to know my real name you are going to have to read a post of mine and see if you can figure it out
Age: 19 but in 6 months I will be 20
Location: Columbia, MD

Likes: Read my info cause there is just way to much stuff to list on this.

Dislikes: Homophobies, Ignorent people, close-minded people, overly zelous religous people..I don't like it when someone tries to decide what religon I want to be....over all I don't really like people, but I am nice so I won't tell people where to stick it just cause I don't like somthing about them

As for my religon, I am Wiccan...and anyone that has a problem with that....that is your opinion and you are intitled to it, just don't try and make me change mine.

Right now I am not really looking for a relationship, I am just looking for more people in Maryland to be my friends and people that I can hang out with and get along well with. Anyway that is me.
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Tonight! 10:45 PM! The VAULT (In Baltimore)! Come on out! Free CDs! Call 443-536-6241 for any questions or directions! At the door, say you're there to see Fragment! You'll love it!

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okay, yeah

I've done this kind of thing too many times in the past month. But I'll do it anyway.

Name: Xeni
Location: Catonsville, MD
Age: 20 (21 in Nov.)
Hair: short and black
Clothes: black band tshirt and jeans
Music: electronic and death metal, some acoustic
Education/Major: Junior at UMBC, Photo major

Looking for a guy (perhaps a girl if she's special enough), preferably with longish hair, who is interested in actually getting to know me and develop something rather than get me in bed. I tend to sound bitter, but that happens when you write a LJ post with a headache. I'm cynical, brash, and upfront. I'm liberal and an atheist.

My website is my webcomic, Mango Mango Dance Express.

That's about all for now.

Insert Witty Title Pertaining to Anything in Particular

Sadly, I'm unable to make an introductory title. Truth of the matter, I doubt anyone, female wise, will see this so.. it's more like me doing it for fun. ^_^

I'm Alex, I'm a Latino Male, age 24 and located in Rockville, as you can see on the top corner my pic. I'm a serious sort of fellow, though I can be mellow and fun often enough. I've got hobbies, these odd things that interest me like Manga and Anime. I like the asian culture, it intrigues me how they evolved their ideas and inventions. I like any sort of music, my tastes are quite odd, ranging from Country to mostly Alternative Rock. Current most favorite band is Yellowcard, with their song "Only One." They're pretty good, saw them at HFStival. I speak two languages, Spanish and English. [Well most latins do, so it's not unexpected huh?] I'm quite strange though, not a typical latin. My major influence I suppose is that I was born in the United States, California. (Somehow I ended up in Maryland.. long dramatic story.. involving love, death, and tragedy. Coming to a movie theatre nowhere near you.)

Work wise, I'm trying to do something IT wise. I have my degree in web design, but I'm also intrigued by other things. I enjoy writing and creating stories as well as characters. Hopefully, there will be a movie in the theatres with a work of mine. [I'm a big movie fiend.] Something much cooler than Van Helsing and Bourne Identity, but definitely a guy flick.

Well, I wrote a long entry with lots of information. There's still more, but in the end it comes down to one thing, I'm just a simple guy wanting to keep things simple.

Oh and yeah, I have a dog.

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Forgot, lol..

I'm 5'10.. Dark Brown Hair and Dark Brown Eyes... Thick (Wide) ...


I am Steve....Male..26..Baltimore County...Brown Hair...5'11"...I'll scan a pic sometime this week...I am a single father...2 daughters that live with me that I raise...5 and 3 1/2

I am just looking to develop a friendship with a female and if there is physical attraction then it can go from there if it develops..if not friendship is cool.

My daughters are #1 and the right woman would have to settle for #2 until the day a relationship developed enough to share #1 with my girls. I am NOT looking for a mother to my girls...they have one and they have me...but the woman would have to be a strong role model.

Anyway...I am getting out tonight with a friend to see the movie White Chicks. Hopefully it will be funny!

If you want to know anything about me...just ask!
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